• Echo Barrier
  • EcoVolve
  • GreenGo
  • Ice Rink Trimmer
  • MiniDozer
  • Pam Deck
  • Pam
  • Rocbo
  • CreteBeater
  • Spitz Lift
  • Track 0
  • Twinca
  • Slide Emule Dstop
  • Kovaco Elise 9000
  • Kovaco Mini Z

Kavik expert in construction tools

  • Slide Echo Barrier Sm
  • Crete Beater
  • Ecovolve
  • Greengo
  • Ici Rink Trimmer
  • Minidozer
  • Pam Dek2
  • Pam Ove
  • Rocbo
  • Spitz Lift
  • Track O
  • Twinca
  • Slide Emule Sm
  • Slide Sm Elise900
  • Slide Sm Miniz

Kavik expert in construction tools

SAS KAVIK is your importer/distributor specialist in France and Europe's innovative equipment for construction and industry. Our Core activities is to bring to companies equipment that is unique in the world, innovative, robust, reliable and with a rapid return on investment improving the productivity of your worksites. The whole range of equipment offered by KAVIK reduces the most penalty factors such as handling loads, vibrations, repetitive work and exposure to gas and CMR substances, while protecting the environment. With Kavik it's simple, fast and safe!

1111 Rue Pablo Picasso

PA de la Chênaie
Rouvroy • France