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Power and maneuverability combined with the comfort of the electric power.

Eco friendly, The E-Mule Skid steer loader is the most powerful mini compact Loader in its class. Versatile with its multitude of tools at its disposal: Jackhammer, Bucket, claw, drill, sweeper...

Silent , with Zero emission, it allows you to work in busy places (hospitals, Malls, Offices, parking, stables, etc.). Easily transportable, it passes everywhere with its 29 ‘’ wide and 1870 Lb. The battery running time goes of up to 7 hours!

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1111 Rue Pablo PICASSO
PA de la Chênaie 62 320 ROUVROY

Téléphone : +33 (0)3 21 21 41 41


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1111 Rue Pablo Picasso

PA de la Chênaie
Rouvroy • France